Studio D'Arte G.R.

The Art Gallery was established in 1978. Under the direction of Professor Giovanni Granzotto, since the beginning the business has joined commercial aims with dynamic artistic promotion and art criticism. We regularly prepare exhibitions in famous art spaces and museums all over the world and publish moreover important catalogues and books.
Initial interest focused on the work of the most important XIX century Venetian masters such as Luigi Nono, Pietro Fragiacomo and Guglielmo Ciardi. Later the attention of studio G.R. extended temporally to the subsequent generation showing artists as Virgilio Guidi, Pio Semeghini, Fiorenzo Tomea and Filippo De Pisis.
Since the end of the 80’s the main pursuit of the Gallery has concentrated on abstract art, beginning a prompt and long lasting promotion of the “Informale” movement, mainly represented by Afro Basaldella and Giuseppe Santomaso, and the most important artists of the “Spazialista” movement like Emilio Vedova and Tancredi Parmeggiani. Afterwords the activity increased and comprised the entire Spatial movement showing not only historic artists like Vianello and Bacci but also the production anthology of Studio G.R.’s best friends like Ennio Finzi and Riccardo Licata.
Since the last decade Gallery work has become more lively and wide ranging, pursuing the rediscovery of great masters of the Kinetic Art Movement. In particular it has flourishing relations with Alberto Biasi, Franco Costalonga, Horacio Garcia Rossi, Julio Le Parc and Francisco Sobrino, without neglecting important artists such as Colombo, Morellet, Alviani, Yvaral and the other members of the N e T Groups. At the same time Prof. Granzotto spares no effort to support other artists, headed by Ben Ormenese and Jorrit Tornquist, who since the 60’s has been developing individual creative research based on geometric construction and simulated movement.
Currently we interchange proper traditional business with the discovery and the promotion of talented young artists that nevertheless maintain a lively attitude towards the light analysis and colour dynamism.
Moreover the Gallery proudly displays works of art created by artists such as Appel, Hartung, Lindstrom, Music, Munari, Jenkins, Jorn, Dorazio, Scanavino, Vasarely.

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