Art Advisory

Studio díArte G.R., under the direction of Prof. Giovanni Granzotto, offers services of authentication and art advisory regarding the works of XIX Century Venetian artists such as:

  • Luigi Nono
  • Guglielmo, Beppe ed Emma Ciardi
  • Pietro Fragiacomo
  • Alessandro Milesi
  • Vittore Cargnel
  • Ettore Tito
The Gallery also has the exclusive right to issue the certificate of autentication and the documentation of the following contemporary artists:
  • Alberto Biasi
  • Franco Costalonga
  • Hugo Demarco
  • Horacio Garcia Rossi
  • Riccardo Licata
  • Gino Morandis
  • Ben Ormenese
  • Jorrit Tornquist
Regarding the principal XXth Century Venetian artists, the only institution officialy designated to authenticate and document their works is the Archivio Storico degli Artisti Veneti besed in Mestre, managed by a commission of art historians and critics presided by prof. Giovanni Granzotto. Therefore itís possibile to directly contact Studio G.R. regarding the works created by important masters like:
  • Edmondo Bacci
  • Felica Carena
  • Mario Deluigi
  • Filippo De Pisis
  • Luciano Gaspari
  • Bruna Gasparini
  • Virgilio Guidi
  • Tancredi Parmeggiani
  • Saverio Rampin
  • Fiorenzo Tomea
  • Vinicio Vianello
Consultation costs are from a minimum of 200 Ä to 600 Ä. Two photos of the front of the art work (cm. 18 x 24), one of the back, documentation and provenance are required. A direct analysis of the work may be required.
The staff of Studio G.R. offers estimate and evaluation services regarding all the artists mentioned, moreover it provides consultation on critical and expositive projects related to its area of specialization.